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Khao Sok National Park is an area of outstanding natural beauty. Ancient rainforests surround towering limestone cliffs, rivers meander lazily through valleys and around every corner lies some new marvel of nature. Staying in Khao Lak means you are not far all this natural splendour and we have a whole range of Khao Sok tours available to take you there. Khao Sok tours with elephants and bamboo rafting, tours focussed on jungle trekking and nature discovery and Khao Sok tours for one day, two days or even three days to make sure you do not miss a single thing.

Cheow Lan Lake Tours

Cheow Lan Lake, often referred to as Khao Sok Lake lies just a short distance beyond the National Park. This man made lake has it’s own unique, magnificent scenery that easily rivals that of more famous destinations like Koh Phi Phi. The lake’s emerald green waters are perfect for kayaking, swimming or just taking a dip to cool down after hot jungle treks. The surrounding jungles are home to a seemingly never ending variety of wildlife. With Khao Sok National Park and Cheow Lan Lake in such close proximity it can be difficult to chose which Khao Sok tour is best, they all offer so much.

Our Khao Sok Tours

Elephant on Khao Sok Safari

Khao Sok Safari

8 Hours
Availability : All Year Round
Dense jungle is home to both natural wonders and real Thai culture. Markets and traditional food will give you a...
Bamboo rafting in Khao Sok National Park

Khao Sok Nature Explorer

8 Hours
Availability : All Year Round
Make the most of your jungle exploration by using your own two feet. This Khao Sok tour is designed for...
Animal friendly elephant bathing

Khao Sok Elephant Sanctuary

8 Hours
Availability : All Year Round
Best elephant friendly Khao Sok tour. Interact with these gentle giants in the right way, no trekking, no ropes or...
The still waters of Chieow Lan Lake

Chieow Lan Lake Day Trip

10 Hours
Availability : All Year Round
Chieow Lan lake is one of the most beautiful places on earth. An amazing still lake surrounded by towering limestone...

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Khao Lak

A coastal park full of birds, mammals, flowers & waterfalls, most famous for its 25km of beautiful beaches. With Accommodation to suit all budgets & Restaurants to suit all palates.


Khao Lak is in close proximity to an abundance of stunning snorkeling sites. The Similan and Surin Islands and increasingly popular Koh Tachai are teeming with marine life and beautiful corals.


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