Undercover at the new Méridien Khao Lak

...my day undercover

Undercover at the new Méridien Khao Lak

If people that are used to do backpacking get an upgrade…

Before I could start the hotel inspection I had to fix my bike to get there – not a bad challenge if your daddy is about 10000 km away 😉

As we did not have any tour bookings today I used the time to repair my mountain bike. The wheels of my bike were completely out of air. After the miserable try of pumping up the tyre with a small handpump I gave up and started to look for help in a workshop in the neighbourhood. In less than 2 minutes a Thai guide from the workshop helped me out with a compressor and made my bike ridable again. The Thai guy did not even require any money for his service – so nice! But due to the fact that I was very happy about my ridable bike I gave him a tip of 40 baht and left the workshop with a big smile in my face. So I made it to fix my bike and was ready for the trip to the Méridien!

Let me first explain how I got the chance to try the  brand new Le Méridien Khao Lak Resort & Spa…

View from the poolbar, meridian, khao lak

Hotel pool of the Méridien

The destination of my first bike trip was the Le Méridien Khao Lak Resort & Spa which is located about 17 kilometres from Bang Niang and about 20 kilometres from Khao Lak centre. So, let me explain you why I chose this Hotel as my first destination. In fact, there is a background behind the idea. The hotel just opened a few days ago so it is a pretty new one. What else, two empolyers of the hotel, that I know personally, invited me to test the hotel while being an undercover guest. So, for sure I did not miss the chance of a free dinner and some nice hours at the hotel pool!

The location of the Méridien: A little aside but not bad at all!


Good choice to relax at the pool

The Meridien itself is located a little aside of the events but it is nestled right next to a beautiful beach. Activities and events can only be reached by a taxi drive to Khao Lak or Ta kuapa but this should not be pointed out as a negative aspect. The Meridian Hotel offers with its big and very clean pool, an own wellness and spa area and certain shops basically everything what a guest needs for holidays.

Drinking coffee in the poolbar & enjoying the international Buffet… what a life goal!

salad bar meridian khao lak

Fresh salad Buffet

After I refreshed myself in the ocean, I had a coffee in the nice pool bar. Personally, I am not somebody who prefers package holidays and never stayed in a Hotel like this before. Nevertheless, it was a unique and very interesting experience. I have to admit that spending the hole afternoon at the pool was something I really enjoyed.

Moreover, the international Buffet convinced me to the maximum. As I recently just had Thai food for dinner, I truly enjoyed the fresh salad options. Also I liked the homemade pizza and some pasta with tomato sauce on my plate. Beside the European dishes they also offer Thai food, so the options of the hotel are very diverse.

Nice pizza buffet homemade pizza buffet meridian

Homemade Pizza

For dessert I had a scoop of nice chocolate ice cream, topped with cashew nuts and chocolate sprinkles. Hmmmm not too healthy but awesome to end a Friday night dinner! Ooooh well not to forget – I also tried the fresh mango and dragon fruit afterwards (yes, I really had a lot of food for dinner as you might notice).

Nothing to complain about the service…

staff friendly asian local meridian

The local staff at Méridien

All in all, the Hotel is very clean and has an excellent service. A few Thai people do not speak English very well but in my opinion, this is not a big problem. The Thai accent and the upcoming English barriers made me be aware that I am staying in Thailand and not in Turkey or in the Netherlands. And if you have a special question that the Thai people can not answer: Johannes (Austrian guy, so German speaking) and Robin (Dutch guy with excellent English) can always help out. Both are great team players and know how to manage a team even in stressful situations.

hotel lobby meridian khao lak

Hotel lobby at sunset

As I already mentioned I am not a fan of package holidays. I rather enjoy exploring different local restaurant. For those who can renounce that and just have the intention to relax during their holidays, the Méridien is a super good choice. And if there is people that still want to explore the surroundings then there is still the possibility to explore Khao Lak, Phang Nga and Khao Sok by booking a tour. When booking a tour people can take a bath with the elephants, try out bamboo rafting and more.

With a lot of food in my body I rode all the way home to Bang Niang. Unfortunately, there is no bicycle path on the way, so I really had to drive carefully. My first mountain bike trip went on very well! Now I will go to sleep because tomorrow I will surf at the Memories Beach! Yes, life is very good now, I cannot complain at all! 😉

Good night everybody!

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