Ton Chong Fa Waterfall

A MUST DO when you are in Khao Lak!
Johanna at the waterfall

Ton Chong Fa Waterfall

My Trip to the Ton Chong Fa Waterfall

Distance: 6-9 kilometre from Khao Lak

Entry fee: 200 Baht

Fitness level: easy – moderate

With some oats and mango in my stomach, hiking shoes on my feet and about 2 litres of water in my backpack I started my trip. I walked to the famous Ton Chong Fah Waterfall this morning.

maps to chongfa watefall

How to get to the Ton Chong Fa waterfall

The waterfall which is a part of the Lam Ru National Park is located about 6 to 9 kilometres from Khao Lak. Due to the distance it is an option to rent a scooter or to take a taxi to get to the waterfall.

Take a taxi or just WALK to the Ton Chong Fa!

As I am a sporty person who likes to explore the surroundings by feet I decided to walk to the waterfall. For people with an advanced fitness level I can highly recommend to hike to the way instead of taking a taxi.

The walk led me through a great natural scenery with heaps of banana and coconut trees. If you are lucky you can find and try some ripe bananas for some extra energy. Unfortunately, I only found green bananas that were not edible yet.

The way is an adventoure itself…

Green bananas enroute to chongfa

For sure you will find green bananas on the way to Ton Chong Fa!

What I also have to tell you is that I passed many local houses on the way and as a result of this, many locals also passed me by motorbike. Thai people are really welcoming and helpful people. As a prove of this, two locals guys stopped when they saw me walking and asked me if they can give me a lift to the waterfall. I did not even asked for that but they offered me their help!

Anyway, it was my intention to hike all the way up to the waterfall so I answered with no and Khop Kun Ka (Thai for “thank you”). When you decide to walk the way up you definitely get the chance to get in touch with locals and to take a breath of the Thai culture.

Lam Ru National Park – such a beauty!

After around 1,5 hours walking (or 20 minutes by Tuk Tuk) I finally got to the entrance of the Lam Ru National Park. The entry of the park is 200 Baht for adults and only 100 Baht for children. Kids under 3 years are free.

track to the waterfall

The track to the waterfall is a nice hike in beautiful nature.

Between the entry and the waterfall I hiked about one more kilometre with light ups and downs. No worries, the ups and downs are easy to handle, even with kids or for people with a lower fitness level it will not be a problem.

After another 10 minutes I could already hear the nice, typical sound of the water coming down from the waterfall. When I was standing right in front of the waterfall I definitely have to say the entry fee of 200 Baht was worth! For a little time, I was just standing there, starring at this biiiiig waterfall to embrace the moment.

Soo goood to take a bath in the pool of the waterfall…

It was a very hot day with high temperatures so in the next moment I just jumped in the water – what a nice refresh that I really deserved!

Short anecdote of myself for you: Once you are in the water make sure that you are not frightened about some little fishes that stick on your feet haha. They come really close and might nibble on your skin.

The waterfall contains 5 different levels…

chongfa waterfall sign

… and here we are: Ton Chong Fa waterfall!

With new energy from the fresh water I explored the next levels of the waterfalls. In total, the waterfall has got 5 different stages. On the right side on the waterfall there is a small, steep and quite slippery track that leads you to the different levels. If you enter the track, make sure that you always watch your feet.

Personally, I liked the first level of the waterfall the most because it has got the biggest area for swimming. So, if you think that you can not make it to the 3rd or the 4th or the 5th level you do not miss that much.

What an amazing day with looots of new impressions and nice photos in the end 😉

Right after I ate my typical Thai lunch (rice with chicken – hmmm) I made my way back to Khao Lak. As soon as I reached my apartment, I just put my feet up and relaxed. What I want to say is: I was really exhausted BUT I do not regret to visit the waterfall by feet. It is a nice option to explore the landscape and to enjoy the peace of nature.

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