Life is better when you surf

good waves - at least for beginners ;)

Life is better when you surf

Mountain biking, surfing at Memories Beach and a few beers in the evening – what else? 😊

Today there was no tour on the program. Instead of getting some more hours of sleep, I woke up around 7 am and went for a nice run around the lake, had breakfast and then started the next trip on my mountain bike. My destination for today was the Memories Beach which is about 6 kilometres away from where I live. For surfing, the beach is known as the best of the region. Here, beginners’ bodyboards and advanced boards are available for 200 Baht per hour or 300 Baht for 3 hours – that is a good deal, I guess!

Yes, it is a challenge if you bicycle to Memories Beach …

Before I could start to surf, I had to make the way to the Beach by bike. Actually, 6 kilometres on my bike is not a big distance, but the way in itself is quite challenging. Only about a quarter of the way led me about the paved road, then I rode basically only on loam, mud and especially on large potholes. As you might expect, my legs full of mud when I reached the Memories Beach after about 30 minutes on the bike. Haha but it was fun also to feel like a motocross girl on a mountain bike πŸ˜€ So, I took a quick swim in the ocean and then I was ready to hire a board.

Surf instructions memories BEach local guy

Surf instructions by a local guy

I’ve been surfing a couple of times before so this is why I borrowed the board on my own and did not need the instruction of a trainer. However, if you have never surfed before, you can also take part in a surf lesson with a surf instructor.

Do not expect too big waves …

At the wide, beautiful and also very clean Memories Beach was not much going on this day. Except for a few tourists on the beach towel and some guests in the beach restaurants, I basically had

mini waves catching waves memories beach khao lak

Me, catching the mini waves

almost the entire beach for surfing for myself. Unfortunately, the waves were not that good today. Sometimes I just sat on my board in the water for about 10 minutes and waited for a wave. When I finally catched a wave it wasn’t too big, but for me as a surf beginner, these waves were absolutely sufficient. So, if you are on an advanced or a professional surfing level, you might book your holiday in Portugal, Hawaii or Australia haha!

Do not forget to fuel yourself with good food afterwards…

Surfboard life is better when you surf boadview

Life is better when you surf? Yes it is!

After 2.5 hours in the water, a few decent saltwater rinses, I beat my stomach with a few beers and of course, as every day, with delicious Thai food (rice and laab) in the Memories Beach Bar. The food of the restaurant, the chilled “surf atmosphere” and the nice beach view is absolutely recommended! If you have a free evening and you do not know were to eat dinner – go there!

Around 5 p.m. I took my bike back and walked around Bang Niang Market a little bit. Actually I was still full of food, but well, a few Dragon Fruits, grapes and a grilled corn cob with salt and pepper still found space in the bally πŸ˜‰ Now I’m done for the day and will lay down soon…

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