Khao Lak’s food scene is vibrant, diverse and growing quickly.

Khao Lak’s food scene offers something for everyone, from spicy traditional to western influences, Khao lak has it all.

Khao Lak also caters well towards tourists. You can find in a lot of restaurants a good mix of spicy, non spicy and western style dishes.
Either side of the road in Khao Lak little gems can be found, and it’s often a great part of a holiday stumbling across a small Thai style restaurant and eating some beautifully cooked complexed food for a few baht. The Thai day revolves around food, and they take it very seriously.

Along with these many noodle soup hawker style streets stalls. This is the Chinese ThaI influence. Noodles with stewed and red pork are often a popular choice. Served in a delicious broth, a cheap and tasty option anytime of the day.

A few places in recent years have been entered to the Michelin guide as well. A sure sign of the quality and direction that the Khao Lak food scene is heading. Several of these are road side Thai style places offering food at local prices, yet the quality and use of ingredients warrants the praise.

Khao Lak’s a food hub?

Khao lak’s location makes it a popular tourist destination. Because of this many Thai people from the north and the south move here to find work, bringing with them recipes of their hometowns. This makes Khao Lak restaurants a varied mix, that show off all styles of Thai cuisine.

You can find traditional Esan food from the north of the country, dishes such as Khao Soy and Laab are favourites of these regions. The use of spice is balanced and the heat from the spice is often counter balanced with herb use. Laab is a perfect example of this, the spicy, sour fried meat, is garnished heavily with Thai mint.

Northern Food

Khao Soy is a northern soup style curry. The sauce is thicker than most Thai curries. Traditionally served with egg noodles that are delicate and cooked until soft, poached meat, either chicken or pork and garnished with crispy noodles, a boiled egg, pickled cabbage and raw shallots.

Mae Pa located in the centre of Khao Lak and Bang Niang is a family run restaurant that serves Khao Soy. It has fast become a favouite with in Khao Lak for tourists, expats and locals.

Southern Food

Thai Southern cuisine is a lot different to food from the north.

Be warned – dishes are hot, as authentic flavours and spiciness are not compromised (even for Thais!). This is everyday eating, not expensive or flashy, just top notch flavours, that pack a punch.

Located a little further towards the northern end of Khao lak is , Khrua Luang Then. This restaurant is one of those that carries a Michelin guide recommendation. It also lives up to the spicy reputation of southern Thai style.

A very busy little place that serves lunch a dinner and closes when they run out, so best to be early to avoid disappointment.

Other Influences

Khao lak is a tourist hub. As with anywhere that attracts people from over the world, food follows. Khao lak boasts a fine number of wood fired pizzerias, and restaurants that offer a decent standard of western menus. Steaks, schnitzels and a decent amount of pasta dishes with plenty of fillings, sauces can be found at Jumbo in Khuk Khak.

Most of the restaurants on the high street offer a good mix of Thai and western food on the same menu, making it easy for families or simply for those who avoid spice.