Following the steps of James Bond

Canoeing, sightseeing and following the footsteps of James Bond!

Following the steps of James Bond

The Phang Nga Bay Tour – a spectacle of nature!

Good morning in the morning – today i already got up at 6 o clock. Actually, we were planning to start the trip around lunchtime but as the weather should be quite rainy in the afternoon we spontaneously decided to start earlier. After our tour guide team picked up the six German guests from their hotel, we reached the beautiful Phang Nga Bay. At the Bay we firstly hopped in a long tail boat which is used very often by locals for transportation.

Ready for some caneoing? Yes we are!

In the amazing Ao Phang Nga National Park we had a very nice ride along breathtaking nature with caves and cliffs. To get a bit closer to the cliffs we got out of the long tail boat and changed into canoes. The canoes were guided by locals which was an advantage for many reasons. For the first, they showed us some spots in the caves that look like crocodiles, dolphins or

Canoeing along the beautiful cliffs and caves.

Canoeing along the beautiful cliffs and caves!

dragons – if you have some fantasy you can recognize the animals! Secondly, they showed us many crabs in the bayan trees. I am pretty sure that the guests and me would not have noticed all the crabs on the trees because they do not move that much and have kind of the same colour as the trees have. By the way – do you know why there are so many crabs on the bayan-trees? The trees are an optimal breeding place for sea animals like fishes and crabs. Luckily, we just watched all the crabs from a small distance – i guess that nobody of us would like to have them in the canoe haha!

Next stop: Famous James Bond Island

After about 45 minutes canoeing, we went on to the planned highlight of the day: The James Bond Island. The island got very famous because of James Bond movie the man called the man with the golden gun. The movie contains one part in which James Bond kills his rival Scaramanga. This part is like the end of the movie and was filmed on the rock right next to the island. To be honest the rock is not as huge as it is presented in the movie. But anyway, our group made the most of the moment and enjoyed the nice beaches and did some shopping at the souvenir shop.

Have you ever had lunch on a floating village? 😉

Right on the way to James Bond island we passed a small passed village that is bulit on stilts. The village is based on the

Great Thai Lunch: Chicken, vegetables, rice and a coffee in the end =)

Great Thai Lunch: Chicken, vegetables, rice and a coffee in the end =)

Koh Panyee island. Before having a look around the floating village we firstly had lunch there in a nice restaurant. In Thailand it is very common to order many dishes and side dished instead of ordering only one dish for each person – so in Thailand they literally follow the slogan „sharing is caring”.  In my opinion, eating like this has a lot of benefits because you get the chance to try different food that you would sometimes never order for yourself.

The floating Island: Koh Panyee.

The floating Island: Koh Panyee.

After a great lunch we had some time to look and walk around Koh Panyee. About 250 families are local here.

Beside a Muslim cemetery you even find a school and a football field here – everything build on stifts! The village, the caves and the beautiful cliffs are the best proove that the region of Phang Nga has a lot more to offer than only the James Bond Island.

Wat Suwan Kuha Temple is worth a visit!

We spent the afternoon at the Wat Suwan Kuha Tempel which is special for the veeeery big laying buddha right at the entry. And if I say big, I really mean big. The buddha was even that big that I was not able to get in on a picture haha! What else, the temple consists of several caves with stalagmites and stalactites. A visit oft he temple is definitly worth it! Not to forget is that you find a lot of hungry monkeys in front of the temple.

Monkeys in front of the Temple with the caves.

The “more or less” nice monkeys in front of the Temple – watch your belongings ;).

I kind of made the mistake and got very close to them. Guess what i got back from them? No handshake but a little bite in my finger haha! So be careful with these guys in case of visiting the temple. After we explored everything we were kind of tired from the day and went back to Khao Lak. A great day with great guests came to an end! Good night 😊


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