Best option for active nature lovers

... are you ready to hike in Khao Sok's jungle?

Best option for active nature lovers

Are you somebody that enjoys trekking – even in the heat of Thailand with high humidity? Do you rather enjoy nature and move your body instead of laying on the pool? Then you should try the Khao Sok Nature Exploration. To be honest, I like all our tours – BUT this is my favourite one. So, let me share the program of last Sunday’s “Nature Exploration” with you.

First stop: Takua Pa fresh market…

Chicken on the fresh market Takua Pa

Chicken & more chicken at the market

We started the trip with picking up some two German, very nice couples from the Devasom Khao Lak Beach Resort & Villa. Same as on other tours, we took the first stop at the local Takua Pa fresh market. I still enjoy the market because there is so much different things to see: Seafood, meat, vegetables, coffee and more. Even though I have been to the market many times now, I always go there with different guests. As a result of this I always take different routes and still explore things I did not know before. This Sunday, we tried the sticky mango rice from a nice local lady. Sweet things in the morning? No problem for Thai people and also no problem for the guests and myself.

Let’s get ready for some jungle hiking!

Flowers of the Jungle khao sok

Picking and smelling beautiful flowers in the jungle

Back in the minivan we felt kind of full because of the second breakfast at the fresh market. However, we were more than ready so start the jungle hike in beautiful Khao Sok National Park. For me, it was the first time I joined the Nature Exploration tour and its Jungle trekking. Before I took part of the trip, my boss already told me that the trekking is a bit steep and challenging. She did not tell me because the wanted to warn me of the upcoming effort – no. She told me because she knows that I like sporty challenges. And she was absolutely right!

Quite challenging route with a nice refreshment …

magic fern in the jungle khao sok

Magic fern in Khao Sok’s jungle

The route itself is about 3 kilometres long and led us to a beautiful waterfall in the end. Actually, we were planning to swim right in front of the waterfall but due to the strong current we followed the path a few more meters to a better place. Even without a waterfall, this location was absolutely stunning and perfect for a refreshment. This is why we spend a bit more time there for swimming, taking photos and watching the monkeys in the trees. The route is not a roundtrip, so after our nicely nature swim we hiked another 3 kilometres back to the carpark.

Refreshing in between hiking

Great swim in between hiking

The hole trekking with an included 30 minutes break for swimming took us about 3 hours. The path itself is quite steep in some parts. But if you have a good fitness level, this hike will be easy for you.

Watch out for monkeys in the trees!

Spotting wild monkeys in Khao Sok's wild jungle

Spotting wild monkeys in Khao Sok’s wild jungle

What I also want to mention is that you really have the chance to see wildlife during the trekking. Our group was quite lucky and saw a bunch of monkeys playing and jumping around the trees. The local tour guide explained us that they get active and look for shelter because there was rain coming up. Moreover, we told us a lot about the different trees and plants in the Jungle which was very interesting. To give you an example: Did you know that bamboo carries a toxin that can make you sick when eaten raw? If you want to eat it, always make sure that you cut away the fibrous surfaces and boil it before.

What is better than a good Thai lunch after a long hike?

Spicy Lunch local food

Local food at its best

After spending 3 hours in the jungle we were more than ready for Lunch in the Jungle Restaurant close by. Deep fried vegetables, fish, mixed vegetables with chicken in sweet sour sauce and my beloved Massaman Curry are just three examples of what the guests had on the table. So delicious as always – aroi mag!

With a full stomach we were not that motivated to be as active as we were in the morning – but no problem! One point why I like the tour so much is also the relaxing Bamboo Rafting after lunch. It is the perfect way to enjoy the scenery, calm down and maybe spot some more monkeys or even some snakes in the trees.

Enjoy the views and feed the monkeys!

Beautiful Khao Sok viewpoint

See and feel the nature at Khao Sok view point

After one more stop at Khao Sok viewpoint for taking great pictures of the National Park we head to the monkey temple. The temple itself is still in the process of restauration but passing by to see and feed the monkeys is a stop worth! These monkeys are not aggressive at all – they come very close to you and grab the peanuts gently from your hand. Such a cool experience! At around 4 pm, everybody got a bit sleepy from the day. We head back to the guest’s hotel.

My favourite tour so far…

crying elephant jungle

Plant called “Crying elephant” in the jungle

All in all, I have to say that this is really my favourite tour because it is so diversified. With the Jungle trecking in the morning you can exercise and feel like you really deserve the lunch in the restaurant. After the active part you also have enough time to relax on the bamboo raft a nd to take great pictures at Khao Sok viewpoint or with some monkeys at the temple.

This tour is not about hopping on and hopping of the minivan to do as much activities as possible. It is a trip that has active and less active parts and gives you enough time to discover the beauty of Khao Sok.  Highly recommended for active nature lover 😊


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  • Iris Haenel
    Posted at 18:38h, 31 October

    This was one of our best tours we ever made. So amazing people we met and the first time we saw wild monkeys. The tour guys and especially Johanna made this day to a unforgettable day – thanks so much.
    We hope we see us again !